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Popcorn Seasonings!

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Doing Movie Night at Home? Now you can add our organic popcorn seasonings! 

  • Seven reusable hexagon magnetic jars for fridge
  • Lids are hand-stamped with spice names
  • Internal food-safe magnet cap keeps spices and magnets separate
  • 7 house blended organic popcorn seasonings

Strong neodymium magnets will keep jars from sliding.  Lids form an airtight lock, keeping spices fresh. Small jars measure 1.75” wide by 2” tall and hold a volume of ~1/4 cup.

Our Seven House-Blended Popcorn Seasonings:
SMOKY BBQ - Sweet, smoky and spicy! An American favorite, now on your popcorn.

SALT & VINEGAR - Pucker up! Salt, vinegar and herbs are the perfect combo on chips...but wait until you try it on popcorn. 

SWEET COCOA - Not quite the same as kettle corn—this popcorn will be more like dessert. Cocoa and cinnamon add depth to the flavor while sugar adds a finger-licking sweetness. Yum!

SPICY CURRY - The aroma is enough to get your mouth watering for this popcorn. Bright yellow in color, with tangy garlic salt to add some bite.  

GARLICKY FRENCH - Light and fresh, these savory herbs combined with French velvet sea salt add a soft finish to this popcorn. The most sophisticated of the seasonings—serve as a snack at your next party.

PIZZA FIESTA - The favorite of children (and my partner), pizza seasoning is a blend of italian herbs, red pepper and garlic with a surprisingly creamy taste with no cheese added.  

VEGGIE - No salt in this blend! Nutritional yeast adds healthy vitamin B12 and other essential nutrients. Dill and spinach add green goodness!  

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