Building Community Frame by Frame
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The Gem! Movies, Art, and Co-working in Bethel, Maine.

Our mission is to build community, frame by frame.

We envision The Gem as a community hub where families go for a fun night out and individuals are able engage with the local arts community.  We plan to offer affordable tickets and diverse programming to make the theater accessible to all ages and incomes.  Ten percent of our yearly profits will go back into the community by supporting local arts initiatives.

Access to many forms of arts and culture is limited in rural areas, yet film is not limited by geography.  If we have the right equipment (which we now do!) we can bring the best film in the world to this rural part of western Maine.  We're committed to keeping the theater open in Bethel because we believe that access to great films and movies can inspire, educate, and bolster our community.


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The Gem Theater
23 Cross Street
Bethel, ME 04217
(207) 824-8248